Military General Service Medal 1793-1814, 2 clasps, Salamanca, Vittoria. Thomas Evans, 1st Foot


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There were three Thomas Evans with the regiment who received the Waterloo medal. One a single clasp Corunna rank Drummer Thomas Evans so we know it is not him. One listed as Thomas Evans 2 and had a 7 clasp M.G.S so it’s not him. This 2 clasp being number 1 on the roll and listed as present at Waterloo (someone out there has his Waterloo medal in Fair/Fine condition) This was originally sold as him being born in Rozin Market, Haverford West, but there is no mention of his service at Waterloo, no 2 years’ service mentioned for the same so do not think this is the man. The Royal Scots took over 160 casualties at Salamanca and over 100 at Vittoria. At the battle of Waterloo, they suffered over 60% casualties, killed, or wounded.