Military General Service Medal 1793-1814, I clasp, Salamanca, Lieutenant Hugh Price 11th Dragoons. GVF


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Ensign 67th Foot 22.9.1808; Lieutenant 3.8.1809; 11th Light Dragoons 17.5.1810. Retired 15.12.1812. Served with the 11th Light Dragoons in the Peninsula; commanded a piquet of the Regiment which repulsed a greatly superior French force in an open plain, near Torquemada in the valley of the Arlanzan and, though without support, beat them back (13.9.1812); present at the battle of Salamanca.

    Of Castle Madoc, Co. Brecknock, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff in 1815. Matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford 1805. Died at Brecon 29 August 1856 aged 70.

  Extract from the ‘Records of the 11th Hussars’ :  “On September 12 Anson’s Brigade were at Torquemeda, the 11th and 16th finding the outposts. On this day the brigade was engaged with a strong body of French cavalry who formed the rear-guard of their army. Tomkinson says of this encounter, ‘The French were driven back, as the country being intersected with vineyards, cavalry can only act on a road, so our small force was equal to their large one.'”    

 “On September 13 the advanced piquet of Anson’s Brigade again had a sharp encounter at the Torquemeda, driving the French across the river. A piquet of the ‘Eleventh’ under Lieutenant Price was on this occasion posted on the opposite side of the river where it was attacked in an open plain by a force three times its own number. Although without support it maintained its ground, beating off the enemy – casualties, four men and five horses killed or wounded.”

Provenance Dixon’s Gazette number 31.