Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840, 1 clasp, Navarino (1142). James Hyde Pleasing Fine


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James Hyde is confirmed as a Private Royal Marines aboard the Talbot at Navarino. Another man of this name is shown on the roll for Syria whose medal sold at Spink Lot number 68 25th July 2013. Served H.M.S. Talbot during the battle of Navarino in which the combined fleets of Britain, France and Russia engaged and routed the Turkish fleet, 20 October 1827.

The morning after the battle Admiral Sir Edward Codrington described the state of the Turkish fleet as such,Out of a fleet composed of eighty-one men-of-war, only one frigate and fifteen smaller vessels are in a state to ever put to sea again. Born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, in 1800. He first saw service in H.M.S. Naiad 23.7.1823 to 21.8.1826. H.M.S. Talbot 27.8.1826 to 20.12.1828. H.M.S. Madagascar 2.1.1829 to 17.1.1835. H.M.S. Pique 25.4.1835, H.M.S. Melville 21.1.1836 to 31.8.1837 and H.M.S. Jupiter 25.9.1837 to 2.4.1840. A total 16 years 21 days. H.M.S. Talbot suffered 23 casualties during the battle.

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