Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840, 1 clasp, Navarino (1142). Midshipman H.G. Morris GVF/EF


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Captain Henry Gage Morris was born in November 1811, the second son of Rear Admiral H.G. Morris, he entered the Royal Navy as a Midshipman aboard H.M.S. Glasgow shortly prior to his participation in the Battle of Navarino on 20.1.1827. Passing his Lieutenants examination in 1830, he did not obtain another seagoing appointment until April 1837, when he joined the Hastings, nor did he see further action until the first opium wars, when he was First Lieutenant of the Harlequin. Appointed Signal Lieutenant to Sir Charles Ogle in January 1846 and promoted to Commander in June of the same year. Morris shortly afterwards assumed command of the Cambrian in the East Indies. He was advanced to Captain in May 1856. Upon researching we discovered that his older brother (the eldest son of Rear Admiral H.G. Morris) The Rev. Fras. Orpen Morris, B.A., of Worcester College, Oxford, is Vicar of Nafferton, in the East Riding of Yorkshire the  village is about 7 miles from where we sit with his brothers medal, what a coincidence.!