Punjab Campaign Medal 1848-1849 clasp ‘Chilianwala’. J. Warren. 24th Foot. VF


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The medal roll shows 3125 James Warren, killed at Chillianwala; 3112 James Warren, wounded at Chilianwala; and 2916 Joseph (Jos) Warren, entitled to Chilianwala and Goojerat. 

At Agra on the 3rd of October 1848 the 24th received orders to march to Ferozepore due to a revolt in the Punjab by the Sikhs once again. The force gathering was called the Army of the Punjab.
The fortress and the city of Mooltan fell to the forces under General Whish on the 2nd of January 1849. Lord Gough now moved to confront the main Sikh force composed of 23,000 of the best surviving troops of the old Khalsa army, with powerful artillery in the area of Chilianwala.

Gough deployed the army against the whole of the front of the Sikh position, much of which was shielded from view by scrub and jungle. The 24th in the centre of the forces would have had to traverse the jungle before seeing the enemy. Goughs last order was that the Sikh position was to be taken without firing a shot, but by the point of the bayonet during the advance through the jungle Sikh cannon balls were blasting through the trees. On emerging out of the jungle, the Sikh cannons and massed infantry were waiting twelve hundred yards before them. Without faltering the 24th charged right up to the guns, and suffered appalling casualties, the losses to the 24th was 520 killed, wounded out of 1032 all told.

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