Queen’s Sudan Medal 1896-1898. 5224 Private. O.H. Welsman 1/Seaforth Highlanders. VF


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He was born in 1875 at Hoxton, Middlesex. He enlisted with the 1st Dragoon Guards in 1895 but transferred to the Seaforth Highlanders later that year. The next year he was court marshalled for disobeying a lawful command for which he was briefly imprisoned. In 1897 the Seaforth Highlanders were sent to Crete to take part in the occupation of the Island as part of an international task force.

However, he was not there for long, joining the General Kitchener’s forces on their Sudanese Campaign. During this campaign the Seaforth Highlanders took part in the battles at Atbara and Omdurman. This last marking the end of Mahdist Sudan, though the war dragged on for another year on a smaller scale.  He was discharged from the army 12 March 1907 with the Queen’s Sudan medal and the Khedive’s Sudan medal, clasp ‘The Atbara’.