Renamed Medal, Army Best Shot Medal, Victoria issue in silver 1872-82. Private Hugh Morgan, 77th Foot EF


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It might be a rare medal only 13 or 14 awarded but so is the man behind the medal. Hugh Morgan described himself as a blacksmith born Newry and enlisted in Dublin age 20 years. He is recorded as No, 4840 Private in the Louth Rifles Militia 9.5.1878 and being discharged 12.6.1879 in the 77th Regiment. On 14.6.1879 he is noted in the book ‘The King’s and Queen’s Medal for Shooting by David Owen M.B.E.’ He is recorded as ‘deserted’ 6.7.1881 having served 2 years 22 days.
John Moore born in Mayport, Cumberland age 20 years and blacksmith enlisting in Sheerness on 16.12.1881 in the Royal Artillery no 32594.
On the 15.5.1886 he confessed to his officer Captain F.E. Cuthbertson of his fraudulent enlistment as No. 195 Hugh Morgan. His papers stop there as he was put in gaol or immediate dismissal who knows and why would a man who was Champion Shot behave in such a way. A very good research project ahead for the new owner.

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