Sea Gallantry Medal Victoria, large type for gallantry in silver, (Charles Smith, Wreck of the ‘Newminster’ on the 29th November 1897) Test mark on edge 12.0


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The steamship Newminster, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was on her beam ends in the Bay of Biscay when the Nellie and Lisbon hove in sight. A high sea was running at the time making the rescue difficult and dangerous. The boats from the Nellie and Lisbon could not get alongside and lines were passed by means of which the shipwrecked crew were drawn into the boats  (Ref. The Sea Gallantry Medal, by R. J. Scarlett).Seaman Charles Smith of the steamship Lisbon, of London, was awarded the Board of Trade Gallantry Medal in Silver, with a gratuity.  The same medal was awarded to four other crew members of the Lisbon and to seven crew members of the steamship Nellie of London.