Sea Gallantry Medal Victoria, large type for gallantry in silver, (Stanley Pemberton, Wreck of the ‘Aidar’ on the 19th January 1896) suspended from a blue ribbon for display. VF


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At 2 a.m. on 19 January 1896, distress signals were observed by the Staffordshire in the port of Marseilles, from the Aidar, out at sea. The Staffordshire went immediately to the aid of the Aidar which was found in a sinking condition. Three life boats were launched by the Staffordshire with great difficulty due to the darkness and heavy seas. Eventually all 29 passengers and crew of the Aidar were rescued.

The Board of Trade Gallantry Medal in Silver was awarded to 19 officers and crewmen, including Steward Stanley Pemberton, and two passengers of the steamship Staffordshire, of Liverpool, for their rescue of the passengers and crew of the steamship Aidar, also of Liverpool. William John Nutman, Master of the Aidar, was awarded the Albert Medal for aiding an injured crew member.