South Africa Medal 1834-1853. Colour Sergeant E. Kelly, Cape Mounted Riflemen VF but much contacting to the head and field.


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Edward Kelly was born in the Parish of St Anns, Soho, London, and attested for the 91st Argyllshire Regiment on 7 December 1839, aged 16 years 5 months.

He transferred to the 90th Regiment on 1 April 1842 and served with the 90th in the Kaffir War of 1846-47. With the prospect of the 90th returning home to England, Kelly transferred to the Cape Mounted Riflemen on 1 September 1848 (Everson gives July 1847) and served as a Colour-Sergeant with the C.M.R. in the Kaffir War of 1850-53.

He was discharged at Fort Beaufort, intending to live there, on 10 July 1852, now aged 39 and a blacksmith by trade. He was admitted as an In-Pensioner at Chelsea Hospital on 11 May 1886, and died there on 7 November 1891. It is noted on his pension papers, Son for effects. Mans daughter was registered next of kin 23 March 1893. Medals which are in possession of Commissioner may be had by next of kin 8 September 1905. This last comment seems to infer that he had been awarded the L.S. & G.C. medal. Sold with some research.