South Africa Medal 1834-1853, initials and first two letters of surname engraved, the remainder correctly impressed, fitted with silver ribbon buckle. H. T. Turney, 7th Dragoon Guards


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The battle of Gwanga as it was called cost the enemy over four hundred dead, the following day a body count of over six hundred was made on the field in what was the only cavalry charge of the war. The engagement was the turning point in the rebellion and the last major action. During the remaining eighteen months the regiment was involved in minor skirmishes and were in at the conclusion at King William’s town when Sir Harry Smith presided over the ceremony of surrender in December 1847.

Henry was born in St. Georges, London and enlisted 20.3.1843 age 18 years. He served in The Cape for 3 years. He was discharged as a consequence of a gunshot wound through the left forearm and noneffective from 1.5.1947. Sold with pay and muster all typed up and some family research. 

It is a mystery why The Mint made a mess of the naming of the medal, which I think he got corrected by a jeweller.

The last four letters of his name ‘RNEY’ are officially impressed and there is no other man on the roll with a surname ending ‘RNEY’