South Africa Medal 1834-1853 Third Kaffir War. Able Seaman W. Daley, Royal Navy GVF


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William Daley was born in Queenstown, Co. Cork on 27th December 1827 and he volunteered in November 1847. Leading Seaman on H.M.S. Castor from 1849 to 1853, he earned the South African Medal for service in the 3rd Kaffir Wars.

He extended his service for a further 10 years on July 1853 and after transferring to the Coastguard in 1858, volunteered for a further 10 years in 1863. All his Coastguard service was on the coast of Lincolnshire and on Coastguard vessels in the Hull division.

He married a Grimsby girl before the 1861 census and had a son and a daughter.

He died in service in Whitby on 13th March 1874, age only 43.