South Africa Medal 1877-1879, no clasp, Engineer G. F. Paterson, H.M.S. Orantes, Royal Navy. GVF/EF


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George Fraser Paterson was appointed Assistant Engineer, Royal Navy, in August 1859; Engineer, Royal Navy, 12 June 1871; retired September 1883. ‘Was serving on board the gunboat Slaney in the third China war, took part in the attack and capture of the Taku Forts, 21 August 1860 (China Medal, Taku Clasp, 1860); in the gunboat Bouncer in 1862, was engaged against the Taeping rebels, and was present at the destruction of four pirate junks by the Sphinx and Bouncer, on the Yang-tse-Kiang in the same year; Engineer of Orontes during the war against the Zulus in South Africa, in 1877 to 1879 (Zulu Medal); Engineer of Achilles during Egyptian war, 1882 (Egyptian Medal, Khedive’s Bronze Star)