South Atlantic Medal 1982, with rosette. D1850338 T. Laheney, Royal Navy H.M.S. Fearless EF


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Weapons Engineering Mechanic (Radio) 1st Class T. Laheney with the Royal Navy during the Falklands War aboard H.M.S. Fearless, an amphibious assault ship. This ship hosted the staff of amphibious force commander Commodore Michael Clapp and Brigadier Julian Thompson, Commanding Officer of 3 Commando Brigade, as well as elements of the Special Forces and main landing force (1,500 men of 40 Commando, Royal Marines). An important command ship in the war, she also played a role in the rescue of 41 crew from H.M.S. Antelope as she sent out an L.C.V.P. landing craft (Foxtrot 7) to assist. Another of her landing craft (Foxtrot 4) was bombed by an Argentine jet, killing its crew of six.