Sutlej Campaign Medal 1845-1846 Reverse Sobraon 1846. Lieut. M. V. Bull, 10th Regiment Pleasing Fine


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Born and died in Falmouth Cornwall. Marshall Valentine Bull joined the 10th as an Ensign in 1841. Promoted Lieutenant in 1842 he served with the 10th at Sobraon where the regiment marched toward the Sikh guns, never fired a shot and after the first volley of the guns a third of the line had fallen, but they went on and attacked with bayonets beating the Sikh infantry and gunners to win the day, but alas suffered 31 killed and over 100 wounded.

Resigned (by sale of commission) 1855 Then seems to have become involved the local volunteers in the Falmouth region, and he eventually commanded a volunteer battalion of the DCLI. Bull received one of the first issued batch of the Volunteers Officers Decoration (VD) in 1892. That and the Sutlej Medals (Sobraon reverse) seems to be his only medal entitlement.

Married Elizabeth Retallack in 1849 she died after childbirth in India Christmas 1852. He married Lucy Bromhead in 1855, this was the year he resigned his commission one wonders if the death of his first wife in India caused him to leave the regular army before marrying again. The married his third wife Caroline Mansell 1883.