Waterloo Medal 1815 With contemporary style replacement steel clip and ring suspension. Corporal Henry Behrens, King’s German Legion, 2nd Light Dragoons Fine/Good


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Henry Behrens enlisted in the Kings German Heavy Dragoons on 28th November 1805, and in March 1806 was posted to the 2nd Regiment on its formation. He served in the Peninsula War including the battles of Salamanca, Vottoria and Toulouse for which he claimed his M.G.S. medal with three clasps. The battle that won the regiment undying fame was at Garcia Hernandez, the day after Salamanca, for which no clasp was issued. The 1st and 2nd Dragoons encountered the French rear guard at Garcia Hernandez and in their famous charge they broke three enemy squares (those of the 76th, 6th and 69th line) The first square was broken when a horse crashed into the square opening a gap into which the Dragoons poured. This was the only instance in the Peninsula War in which squares were broken only by Calvary. The end of 1813 saw the Heavy Dragoons converted to Light Dragoons and Behrens served with them at Waterloo, serving with distinction, suffering 20-30% casualties. Corporal Henry Behrens returned to Hannover in 1816 following a reduction of the Kings German Legion, his Cavalry were acknowledged to be amongst Wellingtons finest.