Waterloo Medal 1815 With contemporary style replacement steel clip and ring suspension. Thomas Haddon, 1st Batt. 40th Reg. Foot Pleasing VF


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Thomas Haddon served in Captain Sempronius Strattons Company at Waterloo in reserve, but as the day progressed they were brought in to reinforce the center and took part in the final charge against the Imperial Guards, losing over 200 men on the day. Sold with some copy musters which show that Thomas was a volunteer from the Leicester Militia on 1.4.1813. The 1812-1813 musters show he joined from the 2nd battalion but that he was sick at Vittoria spending 51 days in the regimental hospital and 3 days in the general hospital. The 1814-15 musters again show him as spending a further 77 days in hospital. Thomas was paid and discharged up to 21st November 1816.