Waterloo Medal 1815, With original steel clip and replacement ring suspension . Daniel Cahill, 2nd battalion 30th Regiment Foot Fine/VF


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Daniel Cahill enlisted into the 30th Foot in 1808 and is shown on the musters as serving variously in Spain and Portugal between 1810 and 1812. He was present at Waterloo in Captain John Powell’s Company and is confirmed on the musters as being wounded.
The diarist Ensign Edward Macready served in the same Company and wrote of the inability of the French cavalry to break the British infantry square: ‘Here come these fools again,’ growled the 30th rank and file as they prepared to pour a destructive fire on the advancing French Cuirassiers, which invariably emptied many saddles and sent the remainder from whence they came.’ Daniel Cahill was discharged on 2nd May 1817.
The 2nd Bn. Formed part of Halkett’s 5th British Brigade, which was part of Sir Charles Alten’s 3rd Infantry Division. The battalion numbered 615 men and was positioned to the left of the crossroads at Mont St. Jean on June 18th, 1815. The battalion played a part in the repulse of the Imperial Guard and suffered 279 casualties out of a strength of 615 men present.
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