Waterloo Medal 1815 With original steel clip and replacement ring suspension. Owen Donaghy, 1st Batt. 40th Reg. Foot Fine


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Owen Donagy was born in County Tyrone and served in the 40th Regiment for 2 years 2 months. He served in Captain J. Lowreys Company, which was commanded by Lieutenant John Thorean at the Battle of Waterloo.

On Tuesday, 27 August 1816, he attended an examination of invalid soldiers at Chelsea Hospital, aged 41, when he claimed that due to army service he suffered with deafness and loss of sight at night. His claim was rejected, and no pension allowed. 

Sold with copied Examination papers. Owen served in Captain J. Lowry’s Company at Waterloo in reserve, but as the day progressed they were brought in to reinforce the center and took part in the final charge against the Imperial Guards, losing over 200 men on the day. The regiment suffered 30 men killed and 159 wounded, 2 officers killed 10 wounded and 18 men missing out of a total of 761.