Waterloo Medal 1815 With original steel clip and replacement ring suspension. Thomas Stopford, 10th Royal Reg Hussars Fine


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Private Thomas Stopford is confirmed on the Waterloo Medal Roll as serving in Captain Charles Wood’s Troop. On the 17th June Wood’s Troop was one of the first to discover the retreat of the Prussians from Ligny, and Captain Wood immediately reported this circumstance to the Duke of Wellington. He was severely wounded at the head of his troop on the 18th at Waterloo.

Private Stopford a native of Manchester joined the 10th Hussars in 1813, following the Battle of Waterloo he remained with the Regiment and was promoted to the rank of Corporal a rank he held for less than 1 year when he was reduced to the ranks. He was once again promoted Corporal in 1824 and Sergeant in 1826. However 9 months later once more reduced to the ranks and remained a Private until his discharge at his own request in 1836 having served 25 years including 2 years for Waterloo.