Waterloo Medal 1815 With original steel clip and ring suspension. Charles Remte, King’s German Legion, 8th Line Battalion


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The 8th Line Battalion suffered badly at Waterloo as a result of an imprudent order from the Prince of Orange, who ordered the battalion to advance to relieve La Haye Sainte. Despite warnings of the presence of massed French cavalry, hidden by a natural fold in the land, the German battalion was caught in line by the cavalry who made short and bloody work of them. As a result the 8th Line Battalion ceased to exist as a fighting unit and suffered the further ignominy of losing the King’s Colour to Napoleon’s Garde-Chasseurs, the first and only time in the history of the Legion that a colour was lost in battle. It was subsequently recovered by a Hannoverian cavalryman at Sockel on 1 August 1815. Sold with muster details and other research.