Crimea War Medal 1854-1856, 3 clasps:  Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol (Major J. S. Adamson, 38th Foot) officially impressed naming; Turkish Crimea Medal, Sardinian issue, unnamed, double ring suspension Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Samuel Adamson, 38th Foot. Fine


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He was appointed Ensign in the 38th Foot on 15 March 1831; Lieutenant, 27 September 1833; Captain, 1 December 1837; Major, 11 November 1851; Lieutenant-Colonel, 29 June 1855.
Lieutenant-Colonel Adamson served with the 38th Regiment throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854 and up to the 25th January 1855, including the battle of Alma and siege of Sebastopol and commanded in the 2nd parallel of the Left Attack during its construction when a Russian party attacked it and were repulsed; acted as Major of his Regiment during ten months of the Eastern expedition .