British War Medal. M-23302/ M-14181 Warrant Officer Class 1 W. F. A. Milne, Royal Army Service Corps EF


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A good research project, not for the faint hearted! William Milnes  M.I.C. shows him a Sergeant, A.S.C, No. M.23302. His entry in the Indian Army list 1938 shows him as a Captain (Merchant Officers) and a full name of William Frances Alexander Milne, born 27.7.1887, of rank Captain 1.1.1937, first commissioned 1.1.1930.Then we find him in the British Army list of 1945 as retired officers of the Indian Army re-occupied, W.S., / Major 9.3.1942. No date of the L.S. & G.C. etc. but we believe the M.S.M as one of the last batch issue, 1950 to 1952.