Craft and Conflict: Masonic Trench Art and Military Memorabilia


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This book was conceived to accompany the summer exhibition ‘Art of the Apocalypse’ at Freemasons Hall between June and September 2003. This exhibition was the first dedicated to trench art from an international range of conflicts over a period of some 400 years, from the Spanish Armada of 1588 to the Bosnian War of 1992-95 and also the first to contain Masonic and non-Masonic items from a number of museum and private collections. The armies converging on Baghdad were proberly unaware that Saddam Hussein’s twin victory arches in the centre of the city were one of the world’s largest examples of trench art, made from melted down weapons captured during the Iran/Iraq War of 1980-88. This book concentrates on Freemasonry and other items associated with the history of Freemasons in the armed forces and in situations of conflict.

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