Lifeboat Gallantry


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Since the foundation of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution on 4th March 1824, just over 2,400 medals of gold, silver and since 1917, bronze have been awarded for gallantry in saving life from shipwreck.This is the first complete list of all medals to be published, together with details of the services involved, from acts of individual heroism to the combined efforts of lifeboat crews, hours spent at sea to effect rescues in raging storms and tempestuous seas, old men, young boys and women, incredible feats of endurance of men in rowing and sailing lifeboats before the advent of motor, the dangers of mines and aerial attacks in wartime, saving fishing fleets and board sailors.This is not only a reference book but also a record of valiant deeds to make the reader realise just how many lives have been saved because of the selfless efforts of those who have risked their own lives to rescue others from the sea.

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