British War Medal (113708 Sjt. A. L. Linthwaite. M.G.C.); Victory Medal (113708 Sjt. A. L. Linthwaite. M.G.C.); Territorial Force War Medal 1914-1919 (1217 Cpl. A. L. Linthwaite. Midd’x R.); Coronation Medal 1937; Territorial Efficiency Medal 1921, George V issue (3512074 C. Sjt. A. J. Linthwaite. 9-Midd’x R.); Efficiency Medal 1930, G.VI.R. 1st type, bar Territorial (3512074 C. Sjt. A. L. Linthwaite. 9-Midd’x R.). Colour Sergeant A. L. Linthwaite, Middlesex Regiment and Machine Gun Corps. GVF/EF


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He was awarded his Territorial Efficiency Medal per Army Order 423 of 1923. A scarce combination.